Innovation Platform

With the 2016 acquisition of Mitozytrex, a generic Mitomycin C compound with an improved formulation, Vivacitas is well positioned to capitalize on a technology platform that solves basic challenges limiting the use of approved products in the fight against certain cancers. The underlying premise is that follow-on modifications may lead to expanding the use of proven, cost effective drugs to cancers that are particularly difficult to treat.

Mitozytrex serves as a model program whereby a generic drug, Mitomycin C, has been converted to a more stable formulation. Mitozytrex may also be found to be less toxic, but will need clinical studies in addition to the completed studies to demonstrate this claim.

Vivacitas' near term strategy is 2-fold

  • To evaluate the Mitozytrex program itself for commercial viability, in Partnership, as a more stable version of Mitomycin (i.e., without reduced toxicity claims),
  • To apply the platform to other chemotherapeutics with stability and/or tolerability issues (via Partnering or Licensing)