Targeting the Most Aggressive Cancers

Vivacitas is targeting the most aggressive cancers by developing and bringing to market the following later-stage programs.

Development Platform

Three Phase III Studies Completed: RUBITECAN (Orathecin), Target: Pancreatic Cancer

Rubitecan is an oral camptothecin recently acquired by Vivacitas, demonstrating promising results in Phase III studies for pancreatic cancer patients, who are refractory to standard chemotherapies.

Phase I and II Studies Completed: The Lead Program of Vivacitas  AR-67 (DB-67)

AR-67 is a third-generation Camptothecin, which after completing two Phase I studies with more than 100 cancer patients, demonstrated significant activity in a Phase II study of 46 patients. The program has received an Orphan Drug Designation; future plans include an expansion to capture the market of other aggressive cancers, such as colorectal, ovarian, small cell lung carcinoma, in which dose-limiting toxicities are seen with currently used therapies.

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Innovation Platform

Novel Technology Platform for Improving Chemotherapeutic Drugs

The Innovation Platform is focused on applying new formulations and chemistries to compounds having efficacious properties that are often accompanied by unwanted side effects. Mitozytrex, a re-formulated version of Mitomycin C, is the exemplar in this Platform.

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