Dr. Joseph Rubinfeld (1932 - 2016): Our Co-Founder and First CEO

If there were ever a modern example of a Renaissance man, it would be 'Dr. Joe'. Almost every household, at least in the U.S., has been touched by him despite the fact that his name is not widely known outside of industry circles. For example, any child that has suffered an ear infection as an infant or toddler has most likely benefited from taking Amoxicillin (aka, 'pink juice'), an antibiotic that he and his teams researched, developed and brought to market. Or perhaps your household used Polaroid film and/or biodegradable detergents such as Ajax ("Stronger than Dirt!"); if so, you have been the beneficiary of Dr. Joe's innovative prowess. Remarkably, his career did not just stop at 'productizing' scientific discoveries made in the laboratory setting, but extended into leadership of entire enterprises devoted to making peoples' lives better. Probably the best-known example of his visionary leadership is the fact that he was one of 4 co-founders of the biotech giant, Amgen (NASDAQ: AMGN), in 1980. Again, in 1991, he co-founded SuperGen (NASDAQ: ASTX), where he served as CEO, and trained his practiced eye on breathing new life into chemotherapies for intractable cancers.

His resolute determination to bring new cancer therapies to the patients who need them, led him to co-found Vivacitas... a company that will never forget his dedication to embracing life through innovation.