Peter Seperack, PhD, JD

Executive Director Intellectual Property

Dr. Seperack has spent the last 32 years as a biopharmaceutical researcher and as a Biotech patent attorney. As a Post-Doctoral Fellow Dr. Seperack discovered the molecular mechanism of a murine coat color mutation which was a novel member of the non-muscle myosin gene family. As a scientist at Bayer, Dr. Seperack developed models to screen compounds to treat osteoarthritis. Following his scientific career, Dr. Seperack became a patent attorney, and in the law firm environment, prosecuted patents directed to numerous biotech applications. As In-House counsel, Dr. Seperack drafted applications that resulted in a corporate acquisition, and managed a patent department that was prosecuting chemical and biological patent applications. Dr. Seperack managed small molecule portfolios while drafting and prosecuting biological applications. He received his PhD from SUNY Stony Brook, and his JD from Golden Gate University.


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